June 28 Meetup: Pilot Study Best Practices for Innovating with Health System Partners

Denver Health’s Susan Moore, Ph.D., joined us at our June 28th Meetup to discuss best practices in pilot study design and implementation and to provide tips on how to partner successfully with health systems to ensure that your pilot serves as a launchpad for continued success. Key topics included the following:

* Health care as a complex adaptive system
* Health care delivery system types, characteristics, and stakeholders
* Framing your value proposition from a pilot study perspective
* Pilot study design considerations
* Partnership and implementation processes
* Maintaining relationships post-pilot

Susan L. Moore, PhD, MSPH, is the Associate Director of Research Operations at Denver Health, a research scientist in the Center for Health Systems Research at Denver Health, an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the University of Colorado School of Medicine, an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics andInformatics at the Colorado School of Public Health, and the mHealth research methods core program lead at the Adult and Child Consortium for Health Outcomes Research and Delivery Science (ACCORDS) at the University of Colorado.

Dr. Moore’s ongoing research interests include consumer health informatics, clinical decision support, and the use of mobile health technology to deliver patient-centered care. She uses mixed methods where appropriate in both health systems research and program evaluation, and incorporates implementation science strategies for studies that take place in the health care setting.

You can view Dr. Moore’s presentation here.