A Letter from the CEO of Prime Health

2016 was a momentous year for Colorado’s Digital Health Ecosystem and Prime Health. Our community had significant growth and success. Prime tracked $162 million was invested last year in our Digital Health Innovation community. We evaluated and mentored over 100 ecosystem companies through our Qualify process. Participating companies raised over $40 million post evaluations. Through the Prime Health Challenge, we have committed over $430,000 to fund 15 pilot tests of health innovation products. We had the largest attendance ever at both the Health Innovation Summit and our Challenge. Every major healthcare delivery system in our state now has developed or is developing an innovation center in large part to work with our ecosystem.  With these metrics and others, I made the case at the Prime Health Challenge and in Blog posts that we are the #1 Health Innovation ecosystem in the United States today.

As many of you know, I have been part of the leadership of both Prime Health and 10.10.10, the impact venture generator. Both organizations have grown to now need full time engagement. After serious consideration, I have decided to resign my position as President and CEO of Prime Health effective February 28, 2017 to continue with 10.10.10 full time.

Prime Health’s Board of Directors is committed to enhancing our health innovation ecosystem and our process to rapidly demonstrate clinical efficacy and efficiency for new technology products and services matching needs and qualified technology solutions.

They have initiated a process to identify an interim CEO with the goal of filling the position as soon as practical. The Board seeks to hear from interested parties.  The Interim CEO position announcement has been posted here: http://primehealthco.com/about/ceo-job-description/. In parallel, the board will evaluate if other or additional services should be developed and if greater alignment with other healthcare support organizations might enhance Prime’s role in the ecosystem. Through the process, the Board will determine the best viable long-term plan for Prime Health by either hiring a permanent leader or determining a better long term management solution by May 1st. I will continue to support this transition. If you have questions or suggestions please contact Mike Biselli, mike@mikebiselli.com

I have appreciated the opportunity to be part of Prime Health’s success over the past 3 years it has been an honor.  I am proud of what we all have created, accomplished and enhanced together.  I believe our ecosystem is poised for greater impact through providing value added services.

The Colorado Office of eHealth and Innovation has asked me to co-chair a State of Colorado Health Innovation Strategic Plan process to drive additional activities to make Colorado the healthiest state nationally and be the #1 health innovation ecosystem.  You will be hearing more about the process over the next few weeks.  We intend to convene our Prime Health Summit in April for the purpose of bringing our community together with the State of Colorado in a public private partnership to discuss how we might develop our plans going forward.  Stay tuned for more information. I look forward to seeing you at the Summit or at our Prime Health monthly meetings. Thank you for all of your engagement and support.
Jeffrey Nathanson