Prime Health qualified companies have raised over $34 million in capital. Many leading healthcare organizations are exploring ways to work with Prime to identify and integrate new digital health technologies.

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The Prime Health Innovation Summit Blew Our Pink Socks Off!

Whew, we can’t believe it’s been (only??!) two months since the Summit! Though this year’s Summit is in the books, we’re still thinking about all the amazing presentations and conversations we had with innovators and leaders from around the great state of Colorado and the nation. This was our best year yet, with record attendance, […]

Root Valuation Proud Sponsor of Prime Health Innovation Summit

One of the primary things leaders in healthcare need to understand is complex financial models. We spoke with Root Valuation about their vision of healthcare innovation and who they serve: Root Valuation is a healthcare focused valuation and financial advisory practice serving clients nationally. Our mission is to provide a consultative approach to valuation that […]