Prime Health qualified companies have raised over $34 million in capital. Many leading healthcare organizations are exploring ways to work with Prime to identify and integrate new digital health technologies.

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Colorado Digital Health Companies Impress Florida Hospital Executives During National Council of Presidents Meeting

Eight companies from Colorado’s digital health ecosystem presented their latest innovations to 250 Florida Hospital executives during the National Council of Presidents meeting in Orlando, Florida. The invitation-only competition drew healthcare executives from across the country to hear pitches from 23 health innovation companies. Florida Hospital’s first ever Solution Company Presentations “shark tank” event was […]

5 Questions with Prima-Temp CEO Lauren Costantini, PhD.

Prime Health Digital Health Challenge winner Lauren Costantini speaks with Times-Call Business about what’s next for Prima-Temp. Read more here.

2015 Digital Health Challenge Awards $150,000 to Winners during Denver Startup Week

Convenes largest group of host institution judges in the U.S., results in 27 offers to pilot new technologies. DENVER, COLORADO (Oct. 8, 2015) – Eight healthcare innovations imagined by local entrepreneurs are a big step closer to reality, thanks to sponsorships and cash they earned in the 2015 Digital Health Challenge, one of the largest […]

Prime Health to Create the Nation’s First Digital Health Integrator

New business model will accelerate adoption of Colorado-based health technology innovations to improve care delivery. DENVER, CO (September 23, 2015) — Prime Health, Colorado’s digital health ecosystem, today announced that it is has received funding from the Colorado Health Foundation to enhance the connection between proven digital health innovations and the state’s healthcare system. Prime […]