Prime Health qualified companies have raised over $34 million in capital. Many leading healthcare organizations are exploring ways to work with Prime to identify and integrate new digital health technologies.

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Prime Health Announces New CEO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Mike Biselli Board Member, Prime Health 303-638-5348 Prime Health Announces Steve Adams as Interim CEO Adams, a successful health care entrepreneur and long-time Prime Health board member, will assume executive operations on April 15th DENVER, Colo. (April 10, 2017) – Prime Health, a business ecosystem of healthcare leaders and […]

Prime Health Announces Leadership Transition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: 303-638-5348   Prime Health Announces Leadership Transition CEO Jeffrey Nathanson steps down to pursue leadership role with partner organization 10.10.10, will remain as key advisor during transition. DENVER, Colo. (Feb. 17, 2017) – After a remarkable three-year run that saw Prime Health evolve from an informal community defined by […]

A Letter from the CEO of Prime Health

2016 was a momentous year for Colorado’s Digital Health Ecosystem and Prime Health. Our community had significant growth and success. Prime tracked $162 million was invested last year in our Digital Health Innovation community. We evaluated and mentored over 100 ecosystem companies through our Qualify process. Participating companies raised over $40 million post evaluations. Through […]

Hey Health Care Entrepreneur, Why are You Doing This the Hard Way?

Hey Health Care Entrepreneur, Why are You Doing This the Hard Way? Last year we met with a brilliant gentleman armed with the next “disruptor” in the Health field.  It was a novel way of looking at something that was broken and making it not just workable, but necessary to the market.  There comes an […]

The Bedrock of Colorado’s Health Innovation Ecosystem

Colorado is the nation’s top health innovation ecosystem. I’ve made this claim on several occasions now, from the 2016 Prime Health Challenge, to our recent joint meet-up with TechrIoT. On each occasion, I’ve presented the case for our status as the number one community of health innovators in the country. I’ve even written extensively on the subject, detailing my reasons for […]

10 Reasons Why Colorado is the Nation’s Top Health Innovation Ecosystem

During the 2016 Prime Health Challenge, I announced that Colorado was the top health innovation ecosystem in the nation. A number of factors influenced this announcement, including Colorado’s ranking as the country’s fastest growing economy, top labor supply, and best place to live. But it was also influenced by an assessment of our statewide health innovation […]