The Prime Health Innovation Summit Blew Our Pink Socks Off!

Whew, we can’t believe it’s been (only??!) two months since the Summit! Though this year’s Summit is in the books, we’re still thinking about all the amazing presentations and conversations we had with innovators and leaders from around the great state of Colorado and the nation. This was our best year yet, with record attendance, multiple sold-out events, top speakers, and a full agenda of expert speakers offering actionable information and real world experience. As a community, we showed why Colorado is on the map as a national leader in health innovation with this celebration of our community and all the exciting work we’re doing! 

Truly a grand time was had by all. If you’d like to catch up on what you missed or simply relive the glorious memories, you’re in luck. We are offering videos from the Summit here. (Scroll down to reach the link for video access, included with your Summit registration, or available for a small fee for non-attendees.)



Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a smash hit! 

We’re so excited about the Summit, we’re already looking forward to 2020!

Have ideas for what we can do next year to make the Summit even better? Is there something you’d like to see more or less of? Was there something special you really loved? Let us know! 

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So, without further ado, let’s review…..the 2019 Summit!

Rural Health Innovation Pre-Conference

Monday, May 6th we hosted our first-ever rural-focused, virtual pre-conference at Catalyst HTI’s Event Center. Michelle Mills, CEO of Colorado Rural Health Center, delivered her morning keynote on the state of rural health in Colorado. She reminded us why we were all there and how important this work can be to impact change in real lives across the state. The morning continued with discussions around rural health and broadband, success stories from the field, entrepreneurial opportunities, and best practices for rural innovation. It was exciting to see speakers and attendees joining from around the state and the nation, including a presentation from our friends in Washington D.C., rural health experts Nisha Patel and Carlos Mena, sharing what’s happening at the federal level to support our rural communities through funding and regulatory initiatives.

Catalyst Hub Crawl  

After lunch, we had a blast at another first-ever event, the Catalyst Hub Crawl. This series of intimate roundtable discussions throughout the Catalyst HTI building was hosted and moderated by Catalyst tenants, subject matter experts, and a delegation of State and Federal representatives including: the CIO/CTO for U.S. Health and Human Services, FDA’s Director for Technology and Innovation, the Senior Innovation Strategist for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, and the Executiv

e Director of the Governor’s Office of eHealth Innovation. People were so excited to come together and discuss hot topics like artificial intelligence, data interoperability, telemedicine, and social determinants of health that this event completely SOLD OUT…and then some!

Innovation Summit at Infinity Park Event Center

Tuesday, May 7th marked the kickoff of our official 2019 Prime Health Innovation Summit. Attendees participated in a jam-packed day of amazing speakers and presentations: From our morning panel with a federal healthcare delegation featuring

Ed Simcox, Health and Human Services

Lisa Bari, Center for Medicaid and Medicare Innovation

Murray Sheldon, Food & Drug Administration

Augie Diana, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Paula Braun, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Stephen Konya, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT

… our afternoon keynote and all-female (all AWESOME) panel with Colorado’s state leaders in healthcare: 

Dianne Primavera, Lt. Governor & Director of the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care

Elisabeth Arenales, Chief Health Care Policy Advisor, Governor Polis’ Administration

Kim Bimestefer, Executive Director, Health Care Policy and Financing

Carrie Paykoc, Executive Director, Office of eHealth Innovation

Jill Hunsaker Ryan, Executive Director, CO Dept. of Public Health and Environment

Elizabeth Baskett, Principal, Baskett LLC, & Prime Health Board Member

….to our student-focused breakout session sponsored by MSU Denver School for Professional Studies

….to so many more presentations, discussions, and panels from speakers like Marc Neely, President and CEO for UnitedHealthcare in Colorado and Wyoming, Rob Valuck, Founder of OpiSafe, and Rachel Meyer, the Director of Policy and Government Affairs at the American Society of Nephrology, and many others, who offered their perspectives on innovation and collaboration.

Throughout the Summit, we were inspired and impressed as experts from throughout every part of the healthcare ecosystem came together to share stories of success and drive innovation forward. When health systems and provider organizations, national and state government leadership, academic institutions, and digital health entrepreneurs in companies of all sizes come together to share ideas and ask questions, real change can happen.

After all the intense discussion, attendees enjoyed a Taco & Margarita party sponsored by our friends at Redox

Thanks again to our amazing partners and sponsors! 

The Prime Health Innovation Summit is presented by Prime Health and the Colorado Office of eHealth Innovation.

Root Valuation Proud Sponsor of Prime Health Innovation Summit

One of the primary things leaders in healthcare need to understand is complex financial models. We spoke with Root Valuation about their vision of healthcare innovation and who they serve:

Root Valuation is a healthcare focused valuation and financial advisory practice serving clients nationally. Our mission is to provide a consultative approach to valuation that helps clients navigate the complexities of healthcare transactions, particularly those that have Stark Law or Anti-kickback implications.

“Innovation is both about failing and succeeding. Sometimes you get more from the failures when they drive you to succeed. So you need to get out there and work and start doing.”

We believe that a hands-on, consultative approach is the best way to provide sound, defensible valuation advice while still providing actionable solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing healthcare landscape. And with flexible fee structures and engagement models, Root Valuation’s expertise is accessible to both early stage innovators and established companies.

As new healthcare delivery models and technologies reshape the healthcare landscape, innovators are often faced with the difficult task of navigating a regulatory environment that has not kept pace with the rapid rate of change. When it comes to evaluating commercialization and provider alignment strategies it is important that innovators partner a valuation expert that can help design an economic model that avoids existing regulatory pitfalls while simultaneously providing practical and defensible solutions to navigate the unknown in a strategically viable manner.

Within the healthcare industry the term ‘Fair Market Value’ is defined for regulatory purposes with specific limitations designed to avoid consideration of the value or volume of referrals. Many investors and innovators seeking to bring change to the healthcare industry using solutions and experiences from other industries may be unaware of these limitations, placing their organization at significant risk of civil monetary penalties and other adverse regulatory intervention. At Root Valuation, our goal is to help innovators by providing practical (and compliant) economic advice so that new and effective solutions have the best chance of making a meaningful impact on our industry.

Catalyst HTI and the Prime Health Innovation Summit

Catalyst Health-Tech Innovation is not just a first-of-its-kind building; it’s also a diverse community, and a radical idea to drive real, lasting change.

Mike Biselli was inspired to develop the industry integrator concept during his experience as a Board Member of Prime Health and a Senior Advisor to 10.10.10. He witnessed firsthand the tremendous power a determined community of clinicians, executives, technologists, entrepreneurs, academics, and investors could wield. In partnership with governmental, academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations, Mike Biselli and his team created Catalyst HTI, in order to quicken the pace of industry advancement by providing a welcoming, healthy, and informative environment where thought leaders can collaborate and innovate.

Catalyst HTI joins us for our Innovation Summit and we asked Mike for insight for companies and individuals attending.

“I encourage change agents in healthcare to connect. See what we can create together. I come with a question: What are you passionate about? When we know what problems others are most motivated to solve, partnerships come naturally.”

Located in Denver’s River North District (RiNo), Catalyst HTI is a 180,000 square-foot industry integrator designed to bring health-tech start-ups and established health care entities together under one roof. The building covers an entire block, located on the west side of Brighton Boulevard between 35th and 36th Streets, and houses 50+ health-tech startups and Fortune 100s alike in the race to fix American healthcare.

“If you are passionate about reimagining healthcare, you have a seat at our table.” -Mike Biselli, TEDx RiNo

From established organizations to startups, from business accelerators to advocacy organizations, and from anchor tenants like UCHealth to global leading companies, everyone in Catalyst HTI works side-by-side to create, develop, refine and bring to market cutting edge innovations that will fundamentally transform healthcare as we know it.

Opened in July 2018, Catalyst HTI is now the home of such established names as Kaiser Permanente, Delta Dental, Hitachi, and MGMA. In addition to these healthcare companies and the dozens more startups who call Catalyst HTI home, this space will also house a diverse retail mix of restaurants & bars, on-site cafe, financial services, fitness, and more.

Prime Health is proud to be a part of this innovative community. If you’re truly passionate about changing the industry and improving people’s lives, Catalyst HTI wants to hear from you. What would you like to improve? Join the conversation in person and online, and together we can create a better Healthcare.

Locate, Colloborate, and Learn with Catalyst HTI and their digital health ecosystem at

Epharmix 2018 Challenge Winner Success

Prime Health is excited to share news from our Prime Health Challenge Winner. Epharmix is doing important work with patient monitoring and reaching patients who are difficult to reach. We asked them what they have been up to since the challenge and they shared their partnership with the STRIDE Community Health Center. A large part of their award from Prime Health was due to their ability to do important community work with Denver’s safety net providers.

Epharmix offers evidence-based patient engagement through SMS text messages and calls to monitor patients across 24 conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. The new partnership will allow STRIDE care teams to use Epharmix’s technology to connect with difficult-to-contact patients with the aim of improving patient health outcomes such as what was seen in Epharmix’s trials – 50% improvement in blood pressure control in patients with hypertension over 12 weeks and a drop in A1c of 1.15, which is a significant improvement in blood sugar control, over 4 months in patients with diabetes.

The partnership with Epharmix will also alert STRIDE care teams when a patient reports poor health. Patients with chronic conditions and behavioral health needs will be able to communicate with their care teams, reducing avoidable Emergency Department visits.

“We know that over-utilization of the Emergency Department is a burden both on our patients and the hospital systems in our community,” said David Nuhfer, MD, Vice President of Community Health for STRIDE. “When we begin to keep patients engaged, we not only improve our patient’s health and healthcare experience, but we reduce the overall cost of care.”

As a Community Health Center, STRIDE addresses the need for affordable and accessible medical, behavioral health, and dental care among low-income, uninsured, and underserved populations residing outside the city and county of Denver. In 2018, 3 out of every 4 STRIDE patients identified at 150% or below the federal poverty level.

“We believe this partnership aligns with the STRIDE vision to empower individuals to live the lives they want through personalized, compassionate care. We are excited to see how this process improves our ability to partner with our patients to provide high-quality patient-centered care,” said Dr. Nuhfer.

Prime Health is looking forward to hearing more about our partners and about technology improving healthcare in the Colorado area. Our vision is to partner and drive innovation in Colorado, and the success of Colorado companies is something we should all celebrate. We look forward to sharing more success stories from innovators at our Innovation Summit on May 6th & 7th. Follow along online through the hashtag #innovationsummit19 and let us know what successes you are proud of!

To contact STRIDE directly, please reach out to:
Media Contact: Erika Oakvik,
(303) 761-1977, Ext. 1120

UnitedHealthcare Sponsors Prime Health Innovation Summit

We are honored to work with UnitedHealthcare as a sponsor for the Innovation Summit. We wanted to learn more about their vision of innovation and the potential of Colorado.

UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and making the health system work better for everyone by simplifying the health care experience, meeting consumer health and wellness needs, and sustaining trusted relationships with care providers. In the United States, UnitedHealthcare offers the full spectrum of health benefit programs for individuals, employers, and Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, and contracts directly with more than 1.2 million physicians and care professionals, and 6,500 hospitals and other care facilities nationwide.

Innovation is at the heart of UnitedHealthcare’s commitment to helping provide people with more personalized, convenient and easier-to-use resources to simplify the health care experience. In fact, UnitedHealth Group is recognized as the top-ranking company in the insurance and managed care sector on Fortune’s 2018 “World’s Most Admired Companies” list.

UnitedHealthcare is helping to change the health care landscape with innovative programs and technology including: wearable device wellness programs, value-based care, online and mobile resources, and integrated care models. We have transformed how we work as an organization to enable our employees to take the time to understand our members’ needs and become a true partner in their care. To achieve that, we are putting consumer experience at the center of how we operate as a company and equipping people to become actively engaged health consumers is driving our innovation. Success for us means responding to each individual, every time, with compassion. One person at a time; millions of times.

According to Marc Neeley, a leader at UnitedHealthcare and speaker at our Innovation Summit: Advanced technologies and breakthrough treatments are redefining what can be achieved in health care today, and tomorrow. Increasingly, innovations in health care delivery are empowering people to more effectively and efficiently manage their own health and well-being, as well as create opportunities for more coordinated care and proactive clinical interventions. UnitedHealthcare is uniquely positioned to positively impact health care’s evolution, leveraging technology and data to help improve health outcomes and modernize the health system to solve important issues for consumers. That’s why UnitedHealthcare spends more than $3 billion annually on data, technology and innovation. Through these investments, we are helping empower people to take charge of their health care and create a health care system that works better for everyone.

One of the most influential aspects of health care today is the evolution of collaborative relationships between health plans and care providers, and cutting-edge partnerships between entrepreneurs and investors. The Innovation Summit provides an opportunity to highlight examples of this work and brainstorm other possibilities, all with the hope of improving the effectiveness of the health care system in meeting patients’ needs and encouraging better experiences and improved outcomes for everyone.

Join us in working with UnitedHealthcare at the Innovation Summit May 6th and 7th, 2019!

2018 Prime Health Challenge Winner Epharmix Expands its Reach with New Partnerships

Epharmix, winner of the 2018 Prime Health Challenge recently signed contracts with Denver-based healthcare providers AllHealth Network and Metro Community Provider Network (MCPN).

Epharmix offers an evidence-based patient engagement platform that uses accessible SMS texts and calls to monitor patients across 24 conditions. The newly formed partnerships will bring Epharmix’s technology into the hands of care managers and providers helping them connect with hard-to-reach patients and improve patient health outcomes throughout Colorado.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center MCPN serves low-income, uninsured, and underserved populations residing outside the city and county of Denver.Epharmix will help MCPN stay connected to patients after they’ve left the doctor’s office and alert MCPN when the patient begins to report poor health. Patients with chronic conditions and mental health needs will be able to get the care they need, avoiding unnecessary Emergency Department visits.

AllHealth Network is a leading behavioral health and mental health provider serving clients of all ages in the Denver region. Epharmix will help AllHealth Network stay connected to clients struggling with behavioral and mental health conditions, providing convenient, accessible, and non-judgemental care.

Cynthia Grant, Chief Clinical Officer & Compliance Officer at AllHealth Network shared her vision for the partnership. “I think there is great potential for AllHealth Network to benefit from using the Epharmix platform with our clients. The communication will help us identify high-risk clients we can target and also (hopefully) keep clients engaged when they are just beginning care– a time period that is often characterized by a sense of urgency, impulsivity, and ambivalence,” she said.

Epharmix CEO, Blake Marggraff shared his excitement, “The Denver health community has been incredibly warm and welcoming. We’re so thrilled with the support and interest from the community and would like to recognize Dr. Ben Bynum of The Colorado Health Foundation, Mike Biselli of Catalyst HTI, and Nicole McNew of the Prime Health Challenge.”

To learn more about Epharmix, visit their website or try a self-guided demo.