Colorado Digital Health Companies Impress Florida Hospital Executives During National Council of Presidents Meeting

Eight companies from Colorado’s digital health ecosystem presented their latest innovations to 250 Florida Hospital executives during the National Council of Presidents meeting in Orlando, Florida. The invitation-only competition drew healthcare executives from across the country to hear pitches from 23 health innovation companies.

Florida Hospital’s first ever Solution Company Presentations “shark tank” event was part of its biennial National Council of Presidents Conference, November 19th – 20th. The goal was to inspire the organization’s leaders, industry partners and community to help innovate care delivery models in areas focused around the Triple Aim – reducing cost, improving the consumer experience, increasing quality outcomes and enhancing patient relationships.

“Prime was asked to submit qualified ecosystem companies to help solve Florida Hospital’s key strategic challenges,” shared Jeffrey Nathanson, CEO of Prime Health. “Our team of 8 companies was quite impressive presenting their solutions. A constant question from fellow attendees: “What is going on in Colorado to have such innovative solution partners?”. I told them these companies were identified through our Value Integrator Model. We qualify, test and quantify value using these digital health products in the clinics and workflows of Colorado’s healthcare systems. We are pleased that Colorado’s digital health market leadership is being recognized.”

“We can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s thinking and we needed a faster pace method for introducing solutions to our executive leaders and providing a communication platform,” said Ashley Simmons, Director of Innovation Development at Florida Hospital. Many leads with the 23 companies who presented are already emerging within Florida Hospital toward next steps and potential partnerships. We look forward to reporting the number of engagements that come from this and more importantly, the impact on healthcare we make together.”

Ms. Simmons continued, “We were very impressed with the Prime Health companies who presented. These companies are in a ripe position to transform the future of healthcare with us.”

The eight Colorado digital health companies that presented were:

Founder and COO of My Rounding Solutions, David A. Marshall, stated, “We are very honored to be participants in the Florida Hospital National Council of Presidents as part of the Prime Health team, representing Colorado. MyRounding has continued to find tremendous value by being a part of the Prime Health ecosystem. The digital health community is thriving here in the state and we are proud to be working with Prime Health to extend that message and illustrate our success nationwide.”

“Telespine is very proud to be a Prime Health Partner in building the Colorado digital health ecosystem and representing Prime Health company innovation on the national stage at the Florida Hospital National Council of Presidents event,” said CEO, Mark Barnes. “The Florida Hospital system is obviously leading the charge through innovation and partnerships in creating true change for our country’s health and wellness. The event allowed us to highlight our core competencies in digital health in achieving the Triple Aim and also explore potential partnership opportunities with Florida Hospital.”

“We were thrilled to be part of the Colorado group of companies represented at the Florida Hospital National Council of Presidents,” said Carm Huntress, CEO, RxREVU, Inc. “It’s great to see the Colorado digital health ecosystem evolving to a point where it’s getting national recognition. This type of recognition continues to reinforce Prime Health and Colorado’s influence as being one of the best places to start and grow a digital health company. It has been a phenomenal home for us and we clearly recognize the impact its made on RxREVU’s growth and success.”

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