Epharmix 2018 Challenge Winner Success

Prime Health is excited to share news from our Prime Health Challenge Winner. Epharmix is doing important work with patient monitoring and reaching patients who are difficult to reach. We asked them what they have been up to since the challenge and they shared their partnership with the STRIDE Community Health Center. A large part of their award from Prime Health was due to their ability to do important community work with Denver’s safety net providers.

Epharmix offers evidence-based patient engagement through SMS text messages and calls to monitor patients across 24 conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. The new partnership will allow STRIDE care teams to use Epharmix’s technology to connect with difficult-to-contact patients with the aim of improving patient health outcomes such as what was seen in Epharmix’s trials – 50% improvement in blood pressure control in patients with hypertension over 12 weeks and a drop in A1c of 1.15, which is a significant improvement in blood sugar control, over 4 months in patients with diabetes.

The partnership with Epharmix will also alert STRIDE care teams when a patient reports poor health. Patients with chronic conditions and behavioral health needs will be able to communicate with their care teams, reducing avoidable Emergency Department visits.

“We know that over-utilization of the Emergency Department is a burden both on our patients and the hospital systems in our community,” said David Nuhfer, MD, Vice President of Community Health for STRIDE. “When we begin to keep patients engaged, we not only improve our patient’s health and healthcare experience, but we reduce the overall cost of care.”

As a Community Health Center, STRIDE addresses the need for affordable and accessible medical, behavioral health, and dental care among low-income, uninsured, and underserved populations residing outside the city and county of Denver. In 2018, 3 out of every 4 STRIDE patients identified at 150% or below the federal poverty level.

“We believe this partnership aligns with the STRIDE vision to empower individuals to live the lives they want through personalized, compassionate care. We are excited to see how this process improves our ability to partner with our patients to provide high-quality patient-centered care,” said Dr. Nuhfer.

Prime Health is looking forward to hearing more about our partners and about technology improving healthcare in the Colorado area. Our vision is to partner and drive innovation in Colorado, and the success of Colorado companies is something we should all celebrate. We look forward to sharing more success stories from innovators at our Innovation Summit on May 6th & 7th. Follow along online through the hashtag #innovationsummit19 and let us know what successes you are proud of!

To contact STRIDE directly, please reach out to:
Media Contact: Erika Oakvik, Erika.oakvik@stridechc.org
(303) 761-1977, Ext. 1120