Finalists Announced for the 2017 Prime Health Challenge

On October 19th, six startups will pitch their solutions to improve the healthcare industry for a chance to pilot their products with Colorado’s leading healthcare systems, payors, and provider networks.

Early this summer, healthcare innovators from around the country submitted applications to compete in the Prime Health Challenge, the country’s largest digital health pitch competition of its kind.  Over the past 3-months, experts from across the industry have evaluated the proposals through the Prime Health Qualify process and narrowed the list down to six finalists who will compete in the live, shark-tank style event at the Exdo Event Center in RiNo Denver.  Thanks to funding from The Colorado Health Foundation, winners will be rewarded with a share of the $150,000 prize and the opportunity to prove their solutions in real-life clinical settings.

The diverse group of companies is a testament to the immense need for innovation in the healthcare space.  From technologies that improve the quality of the patient-physician relationship to those that reduce the costs of integrating systems, each company is working to solve a unique pain point within the healthcare industry.

Over the past four years, the Prime Health Challenge has qualified over 140 companies and launched 15 pilots across the State.  This year’s finalists include:


AI Health, LLC

The post-acute care industry that supports the path from the hospital to home is fragmented, not well managed and delivers widely different results.  This fragmentation has created significant inefficiencies in the continuum of care.  AI Health has created GettingHome™, a unifying SaaS platform that offers the logistics support needed to manage patients between hospitals and post-acute care settings.


Cliexa platforms enable patients to track their chronic disease activity with scientifically-proven and clinically-validated scoring models, and assists clinicians in making more informed decisions about treatment plans, and enables providers to respond more quickly to new data so their patients will have fewer complications or side effects.


Listen.MD is focused on relieving providers of the burdensome tasks associated with data entry.   The company has created the first artificial intelligence based Digital Scribe™ that allows providers to focus on personal interactions with patients.  Listen.MD’s patent-pending artificial intelligence is similar to a medical scribe but faster and more cost effective.

Nymbl Science

Nymbl has developed a comprehensive system for measuring, tracking and, most importantly, improving balance. The company offers a range of balance tools for health providers, including fall risk assessments, digital balance evaluations and balance training interventions that can be used in a clinical setting or at home.


Redox provides health systems with a platform that acts as a single access point for all cloud-based applications, providing access controls and monitoring while eliminating integrations.  Through this, the company hopes to empowers innovation and ease the burden of EHR interoperability.

Ride Health

Ride Health’s mission is to improve access to care for vulnerable patients. By providing a solution to assist healthcare providers in coordinating transportation for patients who face barriers to care, Ride Health improves the patient and coordinator experience, reduces no-shows and delayed discharges, and avoids hospitalizations through improved access to care, engagement and compliance.

The Prime Health Challenge will be held October 19th at the EXDO Event Center in Denver, Colorado.  Get your tickets at