How Prime Health Is Enhancing Collaboration Throughout the Digital Health Ecosystem

Erica Kuhl, the Vice President of Community at Salesforce, describes the benefits of collaborative platforms like Prime Health Collaborate.

DENVER – Prime Health launched a first-of-its-kind online collaborative platform, Prime Health Collaborate, last Monday at its monthly meetup. Developed in partnership with Salesforce, the platform will give members of the Colorado digital health ecosystem a means of continuing the collaborations that characterize Prime Health’s gatherings and events.

“Last year we held a strategic planning session to talk about what Prime Health could do to support the digital health community,” explained Jeffrey Nathanson, the President and CEO of Prime Health. “What we learned was that we needed a better way to collaborate and communicate across Colorado.”

According to Nathanson, the planning session inspired Prime Health to begin exploring options for a collaborative platform that would enhance its qualification process, Prime Health Qualify, while facilitating communication between the members of its community. At last Monday’s meetup, it became clear that Prime Health had found the perfect foundation for this collaborative platform in the Salesforce Community Cloud.

“It’s amazing what putting a platform like this in place can do for collaboration,” said Erica Kuhl, the Vice President of Community at Salesforce. “This is the future. It’s peer-to-peer. This is what people want. They want to talk to each other, ask questions and get quick answers from one another.”

According to Kuhl, the Salesforce Community Cloud currently has over 2 million members, with more than 130,000 of those members active on the platform each month. Most notably, “one hundred percent” of the thousands of questions that have been asked on the platform have been answered, turning the Community Cloud into what Kuhl described as “the de facto place for people to get their questions answered.”

Prime Health will use the platform to connect local digital health startups with healthcare organizations around the country by offering the startups opportunities to network, discussion forums for sharing knowledge and vetting ideas, and a listing in the platform’s Digital Health Directory. Prime Health also has plans to use the platform to collaborate with digital health ecosystems around the country, a possibility it will explore further at its 2016 Innovation Summit on May 16th.

Throughout last Monday’s meetup, the members of Prime Health were encouraged to sign up for the platform by filling out the “Get Involved” form on the organization’s homepage. The success of the platform was directly tied to the Colorado digital health ecosystem’s level of participation.

“This will only work if you are a part of it,” explained Emanuel Seewald of upsourceIT, which has partnered with Prime Health to implement the platform. “If you actively use this platform as a tool to collaborate, you might find a partner that will help you in the future, or you might be able to sell your product because a healthcare provider found you through the platform.”


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