Prima-Temp Announces Partnership with Richter

Nov 01, 2017 | Latest News

Prima-Temp, a previous winner of The Prime Health Challenge, has announced that it has entered into an exclusive license and distribution agreement with Gedeon Richter Plc. (“Richter”).  The agreement was complemented by the acquisition of a minority stake in PrimaTemp for a consideration of US$ 5 million.

Prime Health's CEO, Steve Adams, Talks with StartUp Health about Building A Collaborative Health Innovation Ecosystem

Jun 20, 2017 | What Others Are Saying

StartUp Health has been gathering together stories of "Health Transformers". Interviewing leaders throughout the country who have been key to the diruption of our healthcare system as it currently stands. As a result, these key players, have been dubbed "Health Transformers". It is only fitting that Prime Health's  CEO Steve Adams be pulled into this group and defined as such. Here is a great article and short video that does just that.