Physicians and Patients Love OPTIONS App

Physicians and Patients Love OPTIONS App
Preliminary Results from 2016 Prime Health Pilot

The third place finalist from the 2016 Prime Health Challenge, Preventative Technology Solutions, released interim results of their clinical pilot of the OPTIONS App. The pilot measured physician and patient experience and is ongoing through mid-October. Early results reported here are from a primary care pediatric department serving suburban populations.

Acknowledging the limitations of a pilot sample, CEO Scott Fowle stated,

“The pilot results document two critical metrics of improved physician and patient experience. While we know we have a long way to go, this is a positive first step assisting with health care reform efforts.”

Initial findings indicate that OPTIONS saves physician’s time, significantly improves counseling sessions with patients and patient’s enjoy completing the assessment in the app. For a copy of the executive summary of the report click here.

Physicians frequently skip or minimize conversations about sexual risk either because they don’t have time, or feel they can’t get honest feedback. One doctor described the problem this way,

“This is an awkward topic, especially for men and they avoid having these conversations.”

The OPTIONS App incorporates a more precise, evidence-based assessment of adolescent sexual risk supporting early identification of patients at highest risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease or experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

The app is completed on a tablet before primary care appointments, creating a structured report with the proprietary algorithm. Maximizing critical conversations between patients and their physicians is a significant step necessary to reduce costs associated with STIs and unintended pregnancy.

“All of the physicians who participated in the pilot to date said they would recommend OPTIONS to their colleagues. This high level of confidence is helpful for a small digital health start-up like ours,” said Dr. Lisa Rue, Co-Founder.

More resources and clinic partners are needed to evaluate the other two aims of reduced cost and improved health outcomes. These longer-term outcomes are easier to assess with the soon to be released mHealth follow-up called MyPLAN. Patients who need follow-up can choose to complete it privately on their mobile phones with results reported back to their physicians. OPTIONS digital health technology opens up new revenue streams for clinics assisting with tracking and reporting on these longer-term metrics. Preventative Technology Solutions plans to expand to include a more holistic framework including mental health and substance use assessments each with tailored digital health follow-up.

The final report due in October involves more clinicians and a thorough formative evaluation from clinicians serving urban populations.

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