Root Valuation Proud Sponsor of Prime Health Innovation Summit

One of the primary things leaders in healthcare need to understand is complex financial models. We spoke with Root Valuation about their vision of healthcare innovation and who they serve:

Root Valuation is a healthcare focused valuation and financial advisory practice serving clients nationally. Our mission is to provide a consultative approach to valuation that helps clients navigate the complexities of healthcare transactions, particularly those that have Stark Law or Anti-kickback implications.

“Innovation is both about failing and succeeding. Sometimes you get more from the failures when they drive you to succeed. So you need to get out there and work and start doing.”

We believe that a hands-on, consultative approach is the best way to provide sound, defensible valuation advice while still providing actionable solutions that meet the needs of an ever-changing healthcare landscape. And with flexible fee structures and engagement models, Root Valuation’s expertise is accessible to both early stage innovators and established companies.

As new healthcare delivery models and technologies reshape the healthcare landscape, innovators are often faced with the difficult task of navigating a regulatory environment that has not kept pace with the rapid rate of change. When it comes to evaluating commercialization and provider alignment strategies it is important that innovators partner a valuation expert that can help design an economic model that avoids existing regulatory pitfalls while simultaneously providing practical and defensible solutions to navigate the unknown in a strategically viable manner.

Within the healthcare industry the term ‘Fair Market Value’ is defined for regulatory purposes with specific limitations designed to avoid consideration of the value or volume of referrals. Many investors and innovators seeking to bring change to the healthcare industry using solutions and experiences from other industries may be unaware of these limitations, placing their organization at significant risk of civil monetary penalties and other adverse regulatory intervention. At Root Valuation, our goal is to help innovators by providing practical (and compliant) economic advice so that new and effective solutions have the best chance of making a meaningful impact on our industry.