Value = (Quality=Outcomes)/Cost. Does that cover it?

Value. It’s driving a lot of change in the industry, but what does it really entail? Does “value” mean the same thing to a consumer/patient as it does to a provider? With more emphasis on the consumer experience, does it contain elements of patient satisfaction? Of convenience? What about the provider’s experience? How do performance and cost transparency play a role?

As we surge toward a value-based system, it would help if we were all striving to achieve the same vision. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate our vision of “value.” What do you think?

Don’t miss the Value = (Quality=Outcomes)/Cost discussion at Monday’s Prime Health Summit. You’ll have the opportunity to join moderator Jim Greiner and other healthcare industry leaders to discuss and debate a revised definition of healthcare value. Plus, panelists will share specific value-driven implementation or results from their organizations.

In the morning session, you’ll hear from:

  • Tod Baker, CEO, MDValuate
  • Jay Want, Chief Medical Officer, CIVHC
  • Dick Thompson, Executive Director and CEO, Quality Health Network
  • Bert Miuccio, CEO, HealthTeamWorks

And in the afternoon, you can join the conversation with:

  • Kurt Brenkus, Founder and CEO, Aver Informatics
  • Morgan Honea, CEO, CORHIO
  • Hans Lundin, CFO, Point B Capital
  • Tracey Campbell, VP, Strategy and Business Development, CIVHC

Register here for the 2016 Prime Health Summit if you haven’t already.