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Prime Health is a growing business ecosystem of collaborators working to build the nation’s leading digital health cluster.

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Join us at our monthly Prime Health Meetup.

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What is Digital Health?

Applying information and communications technologies — telemedicine, mobile apps, wearable tech, genomics, business intelligence, data analytics, to name a few — to improve health. Join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtags #digitalhealth and #COdigitalhealth.

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What We Believe

Prime Health is dedicated to improving care, reducing costs and developing a model for better healthcare nationwide.

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We are passionate about fundamentally changing healthcare through innovation. If you want to build a better future, Prime Health is for you.

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How We Work

Prime Health focuses on the development and enhancement of emerging health technologies that deliver innovative solutions to healthcare delivery systems, payors and providers.

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Thank you to all of our sponsors and partners for your support! For information about Prime Health sponsorship opportunities, email info@primehealthco.com. 

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